Sunday, May 23, 2004

New TV Season

Well I can't imagine that any of you waste as much time watching TV as me. But if you do, then you'll care deeply about the new fall schedules the networks released this week. So check out this link for a grid of all the shows that will be leading to your newscasts this fall.

Important things to note: all the networks are going after Friends' old audience on Thursdays. NBC will try the Joey spinoff. CBS sticks with Survivor, ABC has Extreme Makeover, the WB moves in a new soapy drama, and the ultimate soapy drama... the O.C. on FOX... moves into the timeslot. I love the O.C. (So I'm a girl, what's your point?) Also, sadly, my favorite serials Alias and 24 won't return until midseason which is sometimes TV talk for not at all. I really hope that isn't true in this case. Third, nobody like the sitcom (me neither). ABC will have 2 fewer next season. CBS will have only six on their schedule, and NBC has only FOUR!!! Average Joe moves to Tuesdays where sitcoms used to be and the Apprentice returns on Thursday leaving on Joey and Will & Grace on that day. Hmmm...


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