Thursday, August 26, 2004

Weekend Anchors-R-Us

Like Joy.. I'm making that move from reporter to weekend anchor/reporter in September! I found out last week.. but didn't want to post until I had worked things out with my station manager. I'm signing on for an extra year in the lovely state of Texas (please pray for me!).. but I'm thrilled!.. especially since I love my co-anchor.

My celebration drinking starts in a matter of minutes.. so that's all for now.. but if anyone is looking for a reporter job, let me know! We have an opening!!!

Andrea Burnett

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I like this idea!


So glad to hear your news!

I think there should be a new rule that says "if thee get a raise and/or a promotion, thy shall drinkith heavily thereafter from that moment forth, until such time as unconciousness occurs or 24 hours pass."

Just a thought, mind you.

Everyone raise a glass to the wealthier!

Zach Lee

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Promotion Time

Hey everyone! What a surprise...I came back from vacation on Thursday and found out I have a new job (same station!) I'm now the weekend anchor at KCAU Channel 9 in Sioux City. I'll be anchoring the 6 and 10 shows on Saturday and Sunday starting Labor Day weekend! I'll still be reporting three days during the week, too. This is a great opportunity for me, as I'm wanting to gain anchor experience AND I still get to report (which I LOVE!)
Just wanted you all to know the good news!
Hope you're all doing well and loving life!
Take care,
Joy Larson

Friday, August 06, 2004

Ain't Conversation Grand

Thanks for the congrats, Dick. I think it'll be fun because the job will change every day. We'll see how it goes. Just excited to be a such a great, small, local station where everyone is so friendly and genuine, and it just happens to be close to my home!

Robyn F.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Dick Reacts

Congratulations, Robyn.
And, by the way, while you're at it, could you run camera, do the weather and wash the windows?


Editor's Note: I think Dick's trying to be funny again....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

KSNT Update

Congrads to Robyn Flohrschutz who will be the new full-time reporter/editor/photographer/producer for KSNT's 27 News Today. I like to think I helped her nab the job since I taped the standups for her resume tape :)

Oh also...if you notice the on-air talent look a little different on KSNT it's because a complete overhaul of the studio lights just took place. We were finally able to get rid of them all (most of the lights were labeled KTSB, KSNT's former call letters way back when).

Jason M.

Another 2004er checks in

How is everyone doing? I don't have a job yet, unlike Liz, but I will be going to NYC at the end of August so that I could stay with a good friend of mine. Liz, keep in touch in NYC!

Caleb Loong

Monday, August 02, 2004

Updated Info

Michelle Sherwood suggests: "I think we need an updated "where are they now??"" column. how about everyone write where they are and what they're doing. esp. the class of 02. thanks."

So I tried to update what I knew including an e-mail from our bud Matt Makens who is heading for KAKE in Wichita from KSNT to continue to do weekend wx.

Anyway, if you have updated info on the Where Are They Now? link above. Send it to me at