Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yeager Checks In

Emilie! I thought it was you! --email me at by the way--glad to see fellow j-hawks...even the ones who graduated behind me getting great jobs! Good luck to all! Maybe soon we'll have a better mofia connection than Mizzou!

Melissa Yeager

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Question for Melissa

Melissa, I just saw your message about the Bachelor! I'm in KC visiting my family for Christmas. Are you here a lot?

Emilie Chapin-Patch

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big News from Andrea

After two years, I am leaving Wichita Falls! I will be moving two hours east to work at KXAS in Dallas! I was just offered the job this afternoon, so the news is still sinking in! My new position will be morning reporter. I'll do live shots during the 5-7 morning show, and a live VOB or PKG for the 10-11 am show. Big surprise.. I'm incredibly excited! I'm also a little scared, but that's okay. I hope everyone is doing well!! Merry Christmas!!!

Andrea Burnett

Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Job Search Tool

Emily Galbreath (or as we all knew her Thatch) passed along this news from the Journalism Career Center.

The School's Career Center has started a new service for alumni. It now provides information about journalism jobs that require at least two years of experience. Jobs will be posted on the School's Web site and the list will be sent to subscribers through a biweekly e-mail. The new service will be for jobs that require 2-4, 3-5, 5-7 and 10 or more years of experience. Alumni who wish to find out about these positions and to be added to our listserv should e-mail with the subject line "Journalism Jobs." If a graduate was registered with the Journalism Career Center as a student, no additional fee is required. New registration is $40.

Also, Emily mentioned that she's been promoted to Assistant Director of Annual Giving at KU Endowment doing direct mail campaigns, so good work out of her!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


A man stands in front of St. Peter at the gates of Heaven. St. Peter notices he made 160K/yr. and asked what the man did for a living. "I was a doctor, " he said. "Okay, " said St. Peter, inviting the man in. A second man approaches the gates. St. Peter notices he made 180K/yr. and asks what he did for a living. "I was a computer engineer, " the man replied. "Okay, " said St. Peter, inviting him in. A third man approaches. St. Peter notices the man only made 23K/a year. St. Peter looks and the man and asks, "What were your call letters?"

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Job Updates

Mike Alzamora dropped me a line to tell me that he's moved on to KTAB in Abiline, TX. He's anchoring sports on the weekend there. Also, he let me know that Tawnya Bach has left KRBC and is now weekend anchor at KFJX in the Pittsburg/Joplin market.

So, good work out of both of them!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Megahn Snyder Gets Producer Job at KY3

Megahn and I are officially roommates, co-workers, and now bestest friends for life. KY3 now officially has 4 KU grads in the newsroom. Jealous anyone?


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lizard vs. Japanese Girls

OK, for those of you who haven't seen this video clip. It's REALLY funny. Of course, any gameshow that involves big lizards and Japanese girls with steaks strapped to their heads, has to be cool.

Watch the clip here.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Site Fixed

OK, so I did a little work... worked a little magic, and we're back up and running. Some of the links on old posts may not work correctly. Let me know if you find one that is broken.

The links on the right do work now. And all the posting tools should be back up and running, so send those comments (a.k.a. gossip) in now!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Site Problems

OK so for some unknown reasons, Yahoo, which was hosting the backend of this site, has decided to boot me off. The error message I get says it happened because of violations of the terms of use like having a for profit website or for inactivity. Since the site gets updated pretty often and I'm not making a dime (unless you kind souls would like to send me any), I'm a little puzzled as to the reason.

Anyway, until I get a couple of hours to rebuild what I had, some of the links will not work including those for the "Where Are They Now" sections and the "Alumni Contact List."

Also, to post a new message, you'll have to send it to me directly at

Thanks and I'll update you later,

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Re: Memories

Don't you remember it was just a comment in the DVD when people were asked their favorite memories of KUJH. (It was at Michelle's apartment when the question was posed.) I don't think it ever happened?!?!?


Monday, October 24, 2005

Fuzzy Memories

God... I hope there was no time Bieke ran down the street in drag. Hopefully everyone was properly liquored up to wipe that memory from our brains.

Doug Donahoo

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh, the memories...

Okay, so I just wanted to post something...
I watched our KUJH DVD from 2002 the other night.
So funny! Remember, the days when Jessica Salazar was a.k.a. Maria?

...or Scott Smith's salty balls...

hmph...or the time Bieke ran down Jayhawk Boulevard in drag?

and Julie's graduation party...

Hi, hope you guys are all doing well...take care and drop me a line sometime! I'll be at the same place, probably for the rest of my life.


Editor's Note... I don't think I remember that drag part. Maybe I was too liquored up.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

News from Barry

Editor's Note: I got this in my e-mail today...


This is Kyle Loudis, Barry's younger brother. saw on your blog about my bro's new job. He IS in Manhattan working for CSTV as the Midwest region coordinator. He's loving the big city. Sold his car, in the process of selling his assets, and is enjoying chinese food at 4:00am, as every other NYite. Any more questions - drop a note.

-Kyle Loudis

Editor's Note: So thanks to Kyle for keeping us informed even if his brother is a slacker and doesn't tell us things anymore.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Big Time Funny!

This is from one of my favorite websites for talk about media.

LR guide to the new newswriting
In the old days (prior to, say, 1993 or so) there used to be specific guidelines at stations for use of on-air terminology. This was done so the viewers could understand the importance of stories in relation to each other. Now, so many of the terms are mixed messages. If you have seen that Edward R. Murrow movie, you may be confused by some of the terms used in the film because they are now badly dated. In the interest of public service, Lost Remote presents what news terms used to mean, and what they mean today.


"We interrupt this program to bring you a Special Report":
OLD: The president has been shot.
NEW: A cute girl is missing.

"Breaking News":
OLD: The president will resign.
NEW: There's a car on the side of the road with a flat.

"News Alert":
OLD: Man will land on the moon within the hour.
NEW: Man landed on Pam Anderson over the weekend.

OLD: We are the only people he would do an interview with.
NEW: We are the only people he would do an interview with from 7:43 am - 7:48 am.

OLD: Live!
NEW: Live (on tape or possibly an :01 generic for everyone)!

"Storm Central is in full gear!"
OLD: A major, possibly record-breaking storm is headed our way and there is important information you need to know for your safety.
NEW: It's looking sorta cloudy, isn't it?

"We have a crew on the way."
OLD: We have a crew on the way.
NEW: We just saw the story on the other channel and we're calling in our truck guy from his day off.

"We have new details..."
OLD: We have found out additional facts that are new and pertinent to your understanding of this complex story.
NEW: We got nothin', but we're rewriting the copy in the present tense.

"Our Team Coverage"
OLD: Four reporters on a big story that requires several locations to tell properly.
NEW: Eighteen reporters on a non-story, possibly standing within inches of each other.

"We are sending out our chopper."
OLD: Because there's a riot in the streets, and aerials will provide perspective as to its intensity, range and danger.
NEW: Because the promos say we will.

"We are the number one news station in town!"
OLD: We won in the ratings.
NEW: We won in the ratings among 34-59 year old middle-income white females earning $34,500 - $52,875 with two or fewer kids who are expected to purchase shoes in the next quarter.

"Go to our website for more information."
OLD: Go to our website for the exact same information.
NEW: Go to our website for more information buried among car ads, Google ads, our marketing message, our "community" work, team bios, show schedules and how to buy advertising on our channel.

"We are making calls right now to find out more."
OLD: We are making calls to our contacts who can give us the inside scoop.
NEW: We are waiting for the AP update thingy to go "ping"!

"This story will have major impact here at home."
OLD: Ways the national or international story directly impacts our community.
NEW: Someone in our 250 square mile area has a cousin who knows someone there.

"There has been a major outbreak of a deadly virus."
OLD: 35,000 people are infected and it is spreading out of control.
NEW: It showed up in a dead bird.

"This just in..."
OLD: We just found this out and we want you to know about it.
NEW: We finally got the prompter to work.

"Jeff Smith is on assignment."
OLD: Jeff Smith is doing a weeklong investigation into City Hall corruption.
NEW: Jeff Smith is holding out for more money.

"Our reporter joins us by videophone."
OLD: Because we wanted to get this to you quickly, and it's the best we can do right now.
NEW: Because it's a shitload cheaper than a live truck, a truck op, a cameraman and satellite time.

"Visit our blog."
OLD: Our what?
NEW: Our GM saw someone else doing it, so here it is.

"Are your children in danger? Watch us tonight to find out."
OLD: Yes, there is contaminated water at our playground that is making children ill.
NEW: No they aren't. Good tease writing, though.

"There is controversy tonight over..."
OLD: Two big shots are debating an important matter relating to politics, business or the community.
NEW: Someone thinks Lindsay Lohan and Calista Flockhart are too thin.

"Exclusive new undercover videotape..."
OLD: You mayor smoking crack with a hooker while stealing money from the city for more drugs.
NEW: Paris Hilton.

"You won't believe what we uncovered."
OLD: A smoking gun clearly showing the governor and his cronies on the take.
NEW: Something we took off "The Smoking Gun" website.

"That story when we return."
OLD: We have two minutes of commercials now, then we'll tell you the story.
NEW: It's buried in the "F" block, about 45 minutes from now.

"You are watching WXXX - the Emmy's station of the year."
OLD: We won "station of the year" this year.
NEW: We won it 16 years ago. Before there was competition.

"We are having technical difficulties."
OLD: Something broke. We're fixing it.
NEW: It never worked in the first place.

"Don't miss our News at Five!"
OLD: Watch us. There has been a lot going on today.
NEW: Please watch us or we're getting ditched for Dr. Phil.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Send tapes, part 2

I have not been inundated with tapes yet. In fact, only Mike Alzamora has responded. Maybe part of the reason is that I didn't include the address where you should send them. It is: 2051 Dole Center, 1000 Sunnyside Ave., 66045.

Now, you have no excuse.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bunch O' Jobs

Don't know who's looking for a job and the chance to get back to Kansas, but KCTV5 has one or two openings right now, thanks to the expansion to our 9pm newscast on the WB-Kansas City. KCTV is becoming quite the place for KU grads, I daresay we have MU grads outnumbered in the newsroom.

Also, Free State Communication's acquisiton of KTKA in Topeka has officially gone through. Now, the company is looking to hire a full news staff from photogs, news reporters, sports reporters, editors... you name it, they're hiring. The news director is John Rinkenbaugh, who, as I understand it, worked at KSNT earlier in his career. Now granted, it would mean working in Topeka, but you could live in Lawrence and commute.

Doug Donahoo

Friday, September 23, 2005

Help! Send tapes!

I'm looking for tapes to use for class examples. If anyone out there has done anything good lately (what are the chances of that?) I'd like to see it. And if YOU haven't done anything good, maybe one of your colleagues has. That's okay, too.


The Biekemobile

Mike Bieke's car is immortal. Some of you may remember the infamous J301 "Parking ticket" editing exercise, featuring Bieke's car, illegally parked (can you imagine that?), being ticketed by the parking gestapo. That video had been replaced by a new video (buying Coke from the vending machine). But Terry Bryant informed me today that he's put the parking ticket video back in circulation.


Monday, September 12, 2005

New Alumni Newsletter

Hey gang,

Dick has completed the latest Alumni Newsletter. It's a pretty good read including some interesting first-hand accounts of alums in the hurricane zone.

Also, there is confirmation of Dick's permanent promotion to GM. Hooray!!!

Read up!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm not headed south yet, but the evacuees are coming to me ((or rather to Wichita Falls)). Our first large group arrives on Friday and we're expecting more in the weeks to come. It's been an interesting time to live in Texas... actually it's the first time I've felt genuinely proud to live in the Lone Star State. It's amazing to see how many people have opened their homes to complete strangers.. and how many have jumped at the opportunity to head to Dallas or Houston and volunteer. Apartments here at home have opened their doors - rent free- to evacuees.. and complete strangers show up within days with appliances, food and clothes.

Alrighty.. I'm done. On a side note.. it's almost time for me to start job hunting.. so let's start posting some openings!!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Anybody other than Danner Evans and Meaghan Kelleher going south to cover the hurricane aftermath? (Meaqhan is already there, by virtue of the fact that she works in Lake Charles.)


Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Jobs

Got a couple of new jobs to report. Liz Godfrey (who's last name isn't Godfrey anymore because she got married) has informed me that she is back in the television business. She's just landed a job in production at KREX in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Also, I have unconfirmed reports that Barry Loudis has moved on from the KU athletic department and is now working for College Sports Television is some capacity. However, this is second hand knowledge, so I don't know exactly what he's doing. Maybe he could drop me a line and let us all know.


Sunday, August 21, 2005


Isn't this the current state of news?

(click the image for a larger version)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Not Much News

Not much going on here late in the summer, but I just wanted to drop everyone a note and say hi. I also realized that I hadn't given out my new cell phone number to some after I moved to Rhode Island. So, if you want to reach me, please dial me up at 401-477-6227. The old Michigan cell no longer works.

OK, that's it for me. Hope everyone's having a good summer.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baby Boedeker

With everyone here lately to share exciting news, I thought I'd join the mix.

Bambi and I became parents a few weeks back. We had a little boy - Tyson James (we call him Ty).

I'm still out of the news business and still as happy as ever. Though now back in the sports world at the Golf Course Superintendents Association in Lawrence.

Any alums out there and in the area, drop me a line:

Eric Boedeker

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Doug's New Job

Time to get the heck out of Dodge - and by Dodge, I mean Lawrence.

Yes, I'm moving up in the world - quite literally, Fairway is north of Lawrence and heading to KCTV 5 News - Live. Late-Breaking. Investigative.

And, I'm becoming a corporate shill, not that I have a problem with that. I'll be producing the daily topical news promos that will air on KCTV 5 Live. Late-Breaking. Investigative. as a part of America's Number 1 Network - CBS. (I'm practicing the whole promotions thing. How's it working?)

But, the biggest plus out of the whole new job thingie, no more photoging, and I'll be working on a non-linear machine for pretty much all the editing that I do during the course of the day.

My wife and I are moving in just a couple of weeks to Overland Park, and I'll be starting at 5 on the 27th.

It's addition by subtraction (6 - 1 = 5, get it?) and I couldn't be happier with the chance at this new job.

Topeka has been nice this past year, but I'm not fond of commuting, not to mention Melissa and I both know more people living in KC than we ever met in Topeka, so it'll be cool. Hopefully we'll see some of you locals around.

Doug Donahoo

Friday, July 15, 2005

LA Connection

A distant hello to my old KUJH friends! I'm really pleased to hear that some of my fellow graduates have moved on to new and even more exciting jobs. Bieke - Congratulations on your move to Providence. I hear it's beautiful, with or without Matt Damon. It is fantastic to hear that some of my fellow alumni have grabbed the next rung on the ladder. Continued success to all of you, especially those who have moved out of their comfort zones. Personally, I miss the calmness of Lawrence, but I think that's only because of my current locale.

I now reside in Los Angeles, the smoggiest city in all the land. I work for an "integrated entertainment marketing firm" called Creative Domain. Basically we are a film and television advertising vendor. I began as an assistant editor in February, and was promoted to editor in April. As far as jobs go, I couldn't ask for more. I have an incredible boss, and I sit around all day cutting commercials for my favorite t.v. shows and movies. There is the pandora's box of egos to deal with, but I suppose that is Hollywood. I signed a non-compete contract for two years, and who knows if I'll stay or go after that. I was looking on the site to see if any other KUers had made it out this way, but alas I found none. I wish you all the best, and please, contact me anytime @ or 512-228-7777.

Zach Lee

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Job Changes

Mike Rigg is changing jobs following in a fine summer tradition that I too am part of. He is leaving 6News and the Journal-World to become a sports reporter/producer at KOCO in Oklahoma City. Congrats to him.

Also, there may be another of us with a job change to annouce soon. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello from NYC

Hey everyone. I just wanted to drop a line say hello to all KUJH Alumni! I visited Lawrence over a month ago and it brought back so many wonderful college memories. I have been working for Good Morning America out here in NYC for a year now!! We are now the fastest growing morning show and got the #1 spot for May sweeps. Take THAT Miss Couric! This summer, I am proud to say another Jayhawk has joined me. Adam Sechrist is a summer intern here and it's nice to have another midwesterner around. I currently act as the liason between GMA and sales. I also work on our summer concert series. That gives me the opportunity to get close with lots of celebs! I am always open to story ideas for the show so please email me at with any thoughts. Anyways, if anyone should adventure out in to this big city please let me know.
---Liz Springer

Monday, July 04, 2005

New Look

Two years and almost 10,000 hits later, I've decided to do a little revamping to the site. I can't decide if I like the colors. Feel free to add your input. I've checked all the links (I think). Let me know if you find anything that doesn't work. You should be able to post with no problems as well. Thanks for a great two years.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

From Providence

Michelle Sherwood writes... "okay, bieke must've left michigan by now. can't we get a new post? :)"

So I will tell you that I have indeed arrived in lovely Providence, RI. I started Tuesday, and right now I'm going through that lovely "training" stage where they don't really let you do anything. I should be TD'ing by next week however, so that will be exciting.

The part that really makes me happy is the big city part. Not to drop names or anything, but my girlfriend Lauren and I were walking through the park along the Charles River in Boston today and who should walk by but Matt Damon. No kidding. We sit down a little ways down the path, and he doubles back and works out right in front of us with his personal trainer. Not that I'm lame and starstruck or anything, but I totally am.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Job for Bieke

Well...I'm leaving Northern Michigan. I'm taking a job at WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island. I'll still be directing a morning show. Now it's just a morning show in a bigger market. I'm very excited, and I'll probably be moving in about 2 1/2 weeks. More details to come.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Video Journalists...Scary!!

I don't know how many of you read Lost Remote (, but if you don't, the debate is raging over there about video journalists, the future of photogs, and one-man-bands.

It all has to do with an interview with Lost Remote did with TV consultant Michael Rosenblum who says that two-person crews to report a story will soon pass us by. As the story says, "Why should you listen? Rosenblum coined the "VJ" name and brought one-man-bands to NY1 back in 1992. Since then he's trained VJs at the BBC, Oxygen Media and New York Times Television, just to name a few. And the VJ movement is just getting started. Earlier this month, KRON-TV surprised local TV newsrooms everywhere with the announcement that it will soon transition to VJs."

It's a very interesting read, and the detailed comments (more than 50) from people in and out of the business discussing the ramifications of this approach is riviting. Read it here...


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Alzamora Update

How's everyone doing? I now have a new e-mail address. It is so drop me a line whenever.

Everything is going ok so far down here in Abilene. By the way, I am doing my first LIVE shot today during the 6:00pm newscast. Wish me luck. Take care everyone.

Mike Alzamora #35

Friday, May 13, 2005

KTKA sold, KSNT next

Lawrence company pays $6.2 million for ABC affiliate
By Michael Hooper
The Capital-Journal

A company affiliated with The Lawrence Journal-World has agreed to purchase KTKA-TV, Channel 49, for $6.2 million, according to an application and purchase agreement accepted Monday by the Federal Communications Commission.

Free State Communications LLC has agreed to buy the television station and building, 2121 S.W. Chelsea, from Northeast Kansas Broadcast Services Inc., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. Free State Communications lists its address as 609 New Hampshire, Lawrence, which is the address of The Journal-World.
e sale because it was pending. Free State Communications lists Gage as its resident agent, according to the Kansas secretary of state's Web site. The 50-page sale agreement was signed on behalf of Free State Communications by Patrick Knorr, general manager of Sunflower Broadband, the World Co.'s Internet service provider.

Berl Brechner, president of Northeast Kansas Broadcast Services Inc., said the sale is pending a 30-day comment period, with final approval scheduled for this summer.

Meanwhile, Emmis Communications, owner of KSNT-TV, Channel 27, in Topeka, announced Tuesday it has put its television assets up for sale.

Emmis, of Indianapolis, owns 16 television stations, including KSNW-TV NBC 3 in Wichita.

"Our decision to explore strategic alternatives for our television assets comes from our ongoing dedication to lowering our debt and putting us in a better position for growth," said Jeffrey Smulyan, chief executive officer, president and chairman of Emmis.

Earlier this year, Brechner sold radio station KTPK-FM/Topeka for $5.7 million to JMJ Broadcasting Co. KTPK is located in the KTKA-TV building.

Brechner said he was selling the properties for "family and personal reasons."

"It's time for us to make these changes," he said.

Brian Byrnes, vice president with Media Venture Partners, the broker in the deal, said the World Co. was acquiring a good station in a well-equipped building.

"It's a fine station," Byrnes said. "The Brechner family did a great job over the years. The World Co. will do a great job, too.

"It's a terrific facility. It's well equipped. It's got good people, and I know the World Co. has good people. It will be an excellent marriage."

Ann Brill, dean of the journalism school at The University of Kansas, said Dolph C. Simons, chairman of the World Co., has a history of putting money back into properties and making them better. The World's convergence of online, television and print properties has become a model for other media all over the world, she said.

"They've been winning awards and setting trends," she said. "It will be fascinating to watch what they do with this station. It's not going to be business as usual. I expect innovation and overall good for the audience."

KTKA-TV, the ABC affiliate, dropped its local news team about three years ago. The station went on the air in 1983 as KLDH-TV. After Brechner bought the station in 1986, it was given new call letters, KTKA-TV.

KTKA-TV has about 30 employees, according to an article by The Journal-World.

Dolph Simons, grandson of Journal-World founder W.C. Simons, has been editor and publisher of the newspaper since 1962.

The World Co. also owns newspapers in Tonganoxie, Baldwin City, Basehor, Bonner Springs, Eudora, Lansing, Shawnee and DeSoto. A related enterprise created by The World Co., WorldWest LLC, owns newspapers in Payson, Ariz., and Steamboat Springs and Craig, Colo.

The company also owns the cable television franchise for Lawrence and activated service to customers in December 1971. More than 80 percent of Lawrence's households receive cable television on Sunflower Broadband Channel 6. Sunflower also offers cable television service in Douglas County, Eudora, Tonganoxie, Basehor and Piper.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sweeps Update


Sex offenders, sex offenders and more sex offenders... what's new?

but this was the story that had everyone talking... and LAUGHING..

Kristen Glover

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More news back on the way to Topeka?

Guess who's back? KTKA is getting back in the news game -- after it was purchased by Dolph Simons and the World Company.

We're supposed to have local news up and running (again) in Topeka by the fall. Drop me a line - - if anybody you know needs a job.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Alzamora Update

How's everyone doing? I am happy to inform that I am now the new Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter at KTAB-TV, the CBS affiliate in Abilene, TX. Yes that is the sister station to KRBC, the station Tawnya works for. And yes, we both work in the same building. So it is safe to say that a pair of Jayhawks are taking over this town. I've been here for a solid week and it's really not bad. This past weekend was my first time on air down here and it went ok. I don't have a new e-mail address yet, but my old one still works. Keep in touch.

Mike Alzamora

Saturday, May 07, 2005


This was in my inbox today:

Who's doing what for sweeps? If you can't tell because you're afraid you're gonna get scooped, then tell what you've already done!


Hey, I'm just back this week from Kodi Tillery's wedding. Actually, I guess she's not a Tillery any more. But anywho, it was a lovely affair, and I got to enjoy it with J-School buddies Doug Donahoo, Cary Dreher, Dick Nelson, Larry Baden, and for a short time Joy Larson. Congrats to Kodi, and I'll have a few video captures of the ceremony soon.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

10 Years Later

I covered the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing today. It was one of the hardest stories I've done.. just speaking with all of the family and friends of the victims. I tried my best to keep it together.. but there was one woman I couldn't help but cry along with. She lost her best friend of 25 years in the bombing and said there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think of her.. and of all the things they'll never be able to do together. While she was telling me what happened a decade earlier.. I could tell she was reliving every moment in her head.

.. as to why I post this here.. I was walking by the chain link fence outside of the memorial and noticed a KU key chain. It reminded me of home and friends. Hope everyone is doing well.. because I know many of us (me included of course) aren't staying in touch as well as we should be.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Reality Alum

speaking of reality tv--i think i saw j-school alumna emilie chapin-patch on the bachelor....anybody verify? does emilie read this page bieke???

melissa yeager

Answer: I don't know about her reading this page but this is from

Technology Sales

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Age: 27

Me in 3 words: Animated, outgoing, honest

My greatest achievement to date: I was the first person in my family to complete college.

Why I haven't found the man of my dreams: I am very picky and have high moral values.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why work your way up when you can be on a reality show???

Ex-'Survivor' Contestant Working in News
Sat Apr 9, 7:49 PM ET Television - AP

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Jeff Varner, who was bumped from "Survivor" in 2001, has a new job in reality television: TV newsman. Varner will join WGHP, the Fox affiliate based in High Point, as a weekend anchor, the station announced Friday.

Prior to his stint on "Survivor," Varner worked as an Internet project manager in New York City and earned a journalism degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Still, he says his "Survivor" ties have created some career challenges.

"I have the label of reality-show contestant tattooed across my face," he told the News & Record in an earlier interview. "I have a journalism degree, the experience, and I can write better than most producers. But I know I have to work three times as hard because credibility is a big issue."

After his ejection from "Survivor," Varner's charm earned him a series of television appearances and jobs, including one as an interviewer and correspondent for the TV Guide channel.

"Jeff brings to the table charisma, energy and his strong desire to return home," said Karen Koutsky, WGHP's vice president of news.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Graham Winch Update

Graham Winch is a reporter at KTVA, Anchorage, Alaska. Coincidentally, he just dropped in on us this week. Don't ask me why he would come south just when things are warming up and daylight is beginning to last longer than 15 minutes a day.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dick Gets a Promotion

Our beloved Dick Nelson has replaced now-departed Gary Hawke as acting General Manager of KUJH-TV. Congratulations Dick, and here's hoping it becomes a permanent position.

On another note, he can now boss everyone around, and you know how crazy drunk with power he can be... ;)


Monday, March 28, 2005

Where's Graham?

An anonymous post today asked where Graham Winch was? I looked at his old station KPLC for a reporter bio, but it was not there. So I ask you the people...where is Graham Winch?


Dick Comments On The Way of Things

I'm also a big fan of Firefox. The tab feature is my favorite.

I hate all the ads on this Web site.

If you want to see what your successors at KUJH-TV are doing these days, check out our new Web site at This is a product of the new online editing class.


Editor's Note: If you want a free website that's fairly easy to manage, you have to live with the fact that there are ads. It's sad but true.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Updated Jobs

Well, I finally got around to updating the Where Are They Now? section of the site. Get to it from the link on the top which should work unless I screwed something up. The big news is that Tim Bush has left Channel 13 in Topeka to take a job at Weather Central. I'm not quite sure what he'll be doing exactly (hey Tim, drop me a line), but I hear that a fair bit of traveling and setting up weather systems for stations will be involved. At least, that's what Derek told me, so if I'm wrong...blame him.

By the way, if you're frustrated by Internet Explorer and Netscape both as much as I am, go get the Firefox brower if you haven't already. It's faster, and the Live Bookmarks fuction for reading news sites like CNN rules.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Rather Follow-up

Read below if you haven't heard how my station wasn't going to air the Rather special. But, as it turns out, we did indeed air the special. Why??? I think, and this is just a fairly educated guess, it's because CBS threatened a massive lawsuit and possibly revoking our network affiliation.

Why do I think that? Just read the press release our station put out on Wednesday afternoon.

At WWTV-WWUP/TV, 9&10 News, we believe that the role of a local television broadcaster is to serve our local community. We offered our online poll concerning the airing of the Dan Rather special as a way to let our Northern Michigan viewers voice their opinion.

Unfortunately, this simple act of broadcasting localism has been grossly misinterpreted. We were simply trying to maintain the great tradition of local viewer input that is the foundation of our modern day broadcasting system. It was never our intent to embarrass Mr. Rather or the CBS Network.

We have always valued our over 50 year relationship with the CBS network and look forward to many more years of our affiliation.

Therefore we have suspended the poll and will broadcast the program in its entirety.

We apologize for any misunderstandings our actions may have caused.

William E. Kring
General Manager

If that isn't the most concilitory press release I've ever read, I don't know what is. But in any case, I don't think my station's getting a Christmas card from CBS this year.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My station's famous

In case you haven't heard, my lovely station has decided not to run the Dan Rather special tonight, or at least to let the viewers decide whether to run it or not.

And the shit has hit the fan...

We got an article written about us from the AP yesterday that ran in the morning papers.

That also led to a story on CNN this morning. And, Lost Remote (, a TV blog I read picked up the story which means it’s just a matter of time before the blog-o-sphere starts posting all willy-nilly.

AndI'm told that Les Moonves called the station last night to demand we air the special.

Ah, the fun continues.


Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm always looking for good examples to show in class. I'm sure you-all must have some. I want examples that show a) good reporting, b) good writing, c) good videography, d) good editing, e) good standups or f) all of the above.

Feature, hard news, enterprise, in-depth all are fair game. In particular, I would like entire newscasts that demonstrate the Four Keys to Winning Newscasts, below. Thank you in advance.

The Four Keys to Winning Newscasts
1. Win the Lead Story
Purpose of the lead story to draw viewers into newscast and make them watch.
If they don't "buy" lead, they'll never see anything else you've worked hard on all day!
Choose a high impact story that affects as many people as possible.
Use all resources necessary to win the story.
Don't ignore sports and weather

2. Win the Key Stories Not all stories created equal!
Use resources on the key stories that make an impact.
Make sure you take care of your key stories before assigning resources to anything else.

3. Win your Points of DifferenceT
he elements your viewers can get only from your newscast.
Elements that illustrate your storytelling personality and define your image.
Points of Difference give viewers a reason to tune in today!
What are some points of difference in local newscasts?

4. Create Memorable Moments
Make people remember your stories and your newscast.


Bad Sweeps Part III

It's the "taken for a ride" thing that I didn't get. Seems like the story just wasn't what they thought, but was still a story. Granted, it's typical sweeps stuff, but more legitimate than a lot of the stuff I've seen.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bad Sweeps

I don't get it. How did WPLG get "taken for a ride?" Looks like a legitimate story to me.


Bieke Answer: Maybe it's just me, but I think that anytime the words "Porn Bus" are used in a story, that smells like a shameless sweeps stunt.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Stupid Sweeps Stories

I'll post some of my favorite stupid sweeps stories I've come across for this book. Feel free to join in, but this is the early favorite for worst tease...

WPLG thought some unscrupulous men were riding around in a van
enticing women to strip down and get nasty inside a van, only to find
out the entire thing is staged. Watch Local 10 get taken for a ride by
The Porn Bus.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hope This Doesn't Happen to Me

From Lost Remote:

The problem with "look-lives"
Sometimes they don't look so live. Watch this blooper and think to yourself "There, but for the grace of God, go we..." WindowsMedia required.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Horror Stories

Do you have newsmares??? You know, nightmares about bad days at work. Well, check out some others from Lost Remote's message board, or post your own.

My favorite is the first one:
I'm outside somewhere. I see a plane falling. It crashes just a few blocks away in a ball of flames. I dial the assignment desk. It rings and rings and rings.
Finally someone picks up. They don't know who I am. I scream, "Put me on the air!" They hang up.

Repeat process.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Sweeps

Hope the first week of sweeps is going well for all. I can't wait for more criminals and sex offender registry stories again this month.

By the way, if any of you missed the Super Bowl commercials, you can see them again online at


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Zach Lee Update

Hello everyone,

I thought it was about time I stopped in and gave an update, although it was already listed in the fantastic Dick Nelson publication, KUJH alumni newsletter #4.

I have moved to Los Angeles as of 10 days ago, and it has been pretty hectic to say the very least. As Dick reported, I began doing freelance production, but I have garnered interest from a few post production and entertainment advertising companies here in town. I am beginning a trial run, which is a precursor to full time work, with a company called Creative Domain. They do everything under the sun when it comes to film and television advertising. I would be working in a brand new division of dvd production, creating featurettes, outtakes, and special scenes for both movie and tv dvds. Like I said, it is still in the preliminary stages, but I'm incredibly excited about it, and my future opportunities here in la la land.

Drop me a line whenever you have a sed, and let me know how things are going.

Oh, and I have no plans to get married in the near future. Thought that warranted mention based on the recent history of

Zachary Lee
May 2003

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Job Openings

Editor's Note: Michelle Tuckner sent out the e-mail below. Most of you probably got it, but here it is in case anybody is looking for a job.


More Job Openings --

If anyone is looking to move, my station has 3
openings in news: a reporter, producer, and
photographer. There's more info on our website WBAY, the ABC affiliate in Green Bay,
WI. Feel free to e-mail me if you're interested.

Also, if anyone knows of any sports reporter or
weekend anchor openings in Top 35 markets, could you
drop me a line? It's slow now since the season is
over, just waiting to see if Favre will return or
retire :-)

Take care,
Michelle Tuckner
Sports Reporter

Saturday, January 15, 2005

New programming on KUJH-TV

KUJH-TV is now carrying programming from the Research Channel. Self-described as "the C-SPAN of scientific and medical research," the Research Channel is is a consortium of research universities and corporate research divisions "dedicated to broadening the access to and appreciation... of activities, ideas, and opportunities in basic and applied research." For more information, visit the Research Channel Web site,


Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Alumni Newsletter

Dick has returned with another Alumni newsletter that can be accessed by clicking on the link on the left side of your screen or by clicking here.

I'm sure it's good reading so enjoy.


Friday, January 07, 2005