Sunday, May 30, 2004

Editor Needed!?!?

This site is in desparate need of a good editor. Bieke writes: "Well I can't imagine that any of you waste as much time watching TV as me." No, they don't waste "as much time watching TV as I."

How in the world did you people ever graduate from such a great school of journalism? Teachers must be VERY lax.


Editor's Note: I urge Dick to turn on the close captioning and read a local newscast for proof that broadcast people don't like to spell good or have well grammer. We prefer talkin' funny.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Sweeps in Topeka

Well I didn't do any either-- but here's a 3 pt. series we did. We had our weekend anchor "re-enact" what it's like after you're picked up for a DUI. She went through the entire process-- her name was even listed in the police records has being pulled over for a DUI. (Other media outlets came across the record and thought it was true until told otherwise.) Anyway, she was arrested, fingerprinted, booked, had a court hearing and the whole thing. Then we had high school kids come and watch it and give their view for the third part of the series.

Also, I heard that Theresa Freed has been moved up from Garden City, and is now working at KAKE in Wichita. Congrats to her!


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Meth Rules

What is this, the year of the meth reports? Kendra Buscho's in-depth report on meth users in Kansas aired May 14 on Kansas Week, a public affairs program broadcast statewide on Kansas Public Television. It originally aired on KUJH-TV News April 12. It featured interviews with a former meth user, a woman who lived next door to a meth lab, and several state law enforcement officials. It can be viewed on the Digital Jayhawk in KUJH in-Depth Reports. Kendra graduated this past Sunday.

This has nothing to do with sweeps, but I thought it was kinda interesting. As of Monday KSNT in Topeka has stopped all stock market reports in its newscasts. They said more people are interested in local news that will fill the time instead of national stocks, which can be viewed on cable outlets 24/7 (i.e. CNBC). Perhaps it will be back in the near future just like KSNT sports.

Jason Matisoff

Sweeps in Michigan

To answer Andrea's question (see below)...

I didn't do any sweeps pieces, but as a station, here's what we did. We had the continuing tradition of "Try Before You Buy" where our 5PM anchor makes an ass out of himself testing infomercial products...very entertaining at times, like when he starts fires or breaks the microwave by shorting it out. We also did a "Cold Case" series on unsolved local crime. We also did the obligitory meth piece. In ours, our youngest looking reporter went "undercover" to see how easy it was to buy all the products you need to make meth. It turns out it was very easy, and then we basically told all our viewers how to do you couldn't find out on the internet. Oh, and we also did the obligatory sex offenders story where you follow the cops to see if registered sex offenders still live where they're supposed to. Let's see, there must be more...I'll have to think of them later.


Let's Start a Sweeps Discussion!

Now that the hell of sweeps is behind us..
What did everyone do for their sweeps pieces??
I'm already trying to figure out what I'm doing in July!
This month I did a piece on meth with a recovering drug addict.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004


The May book ends today!!! WOOHOO!!!!


Sunday, May 23, 2004

New TV Season

Well I can't imagine that any of you waste as much time watching TV as me. But if you do, then you'll care deeply about the new fall schedules the networks released this week. So check out this link for a grid of all the shows that will be leading to your newscasts this fall.

Important things to note: all the networks are going after Friends' old audience on Thursdays. NBC will try the Joey spinoff. CBS sticks with Survivor, ABC has Extreme Makeover, the WB moves in a new soapy drama, and the ultimate soapy drama... the O.C. on FOX... moves into the timeslot. I love the O.C. (So I'm a girl, what's your point?) Also, sadly, my favorite serials Alias and 24 won't return until midseason which is sometimes TV talk for not at all. I really hope that isn't true in this case. Third, nobody like the sitcom (me neither). ABC will have 2 fewer next season. CBS will have only six on their schedule, and NBC has only FOUR!!! Average Joe moves to Tuesdays where sitcoms used to be and the Apprentice returns on Thursday leaving on Joey and Will & Grace on that day. Hmmm...


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Cooper Kids


Jeff Cooper passed along some photos of his now three (count 'em three) kids. Enjoy!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Dick corrects English

You guys DID drive me crazy, but I've recovered. By the way, it's "...would have driven," not "would have drove."


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Cooper Checks In

What's up everyone? It's good to hear some of you are still alive, especially Dick Nelson. I thought Eric, Bieke and myself would have drove him crazy by the time we left KU. I miss KUJH. I miss the the all day event that was the KU Sportsdesk.

Jeff Cooper

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sources Tell Us...

Anonymous sources report that our favorite KUJH station manager (HA!) Gary Hawke has dyed his hair red. Now I don't know exactly what sort of mid-life crisis this is,!

Now this information is not confirmed but rest assured that is working to bring you more on this story (our Magid consultants told us at work that people like that phrase).

Also, I talked with my old friend (and he is so's amazing how much you age on a Mormon mission) Jeff Cooper this past week. Big news is that he and wife Becky have welcomed their third child into the world (another product of being Mormon, I suspect). So congratulations to them. I told him about this site so perhaps he will send some pictures so we all can partake in a collective "Awww" at the cuteness of said child.


The news of KSNT

With the departure of Kevin Pope last month, KSNT had been looking long and hard for a new news director. Well they found one and she started a couple days ago. Michelle Barlow definetely knows what she's doing and we all know great things will come from her! Also, Lance Vesser has been hired as sports director. He starts the end of May.

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