Friday, March 23, 2007

Hey Hey!

In the words of the immortal Krusty the Klown, I bid you "Hey Hey!"

Haven't really seen anyone since the post-Donahoo wedding Molly McGee's dinner a couple years ago. Bieke's site probably still say I'm working at Hy-Vee, but I left that crap-hole 3 years ago...Currently sitting in my cube (hopefully soon to be office pending an upcoming job interview) at Yellow Transportation in OP counting down the minutes until we face the Salukis. It is because of this match-up that I have no motivation to work and decided to Google KUJH. It's come a long way!!!

I was also very happy to scroll down to see a pic of my son from right after he was born :) The "lobster" as we call him is now a holy terrorist at 9 months old, but he's the greatest thing ever :)

Just wanted to give a resounding "what's up" to everyone and I hope you are all doing well!

Dale Ziegler - aka, the short guy who mooched off of Doug's talents...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mike From West're on the air...

What up? How's everybody doing?

I'm still in Abilene, TX but working hard to move on to the next level. Nothing against the Big Country and West Texas. I've had a great time here for the past year and a half+. It's just time to go somewhere bigger and better.

On that note, I've had 4 interviews within the past five weeks but no job offer yet.So if anybody knows of any good sports jobs out there, gimme a holla.

My e-mail is

By the way Bieke, can you please fix that in the Alumni Contact List? You've had that wrong for years :-) LOL.

Holla at yo boy and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Mike Alzamora
Sports Anchor/Senior Reporter