Sunday, June 26, 2005

From Providence

Michelle Sherwood writes... "okay, bieke must've left michigan by now. can't we get a new post? :)"

So I will tell you that I have indeed arrived in lovely Providence, RI. I started Tuesday, and right now I'm going through that lovely "training" stage where they don't really let you do anything. I should be TD'ing by next week however, so that will be exciting.

The part that really makes me happy is the big city part. Not to drop names or anything, but my girlfriend Lauren and I were walking through the park along the Charles River in Boston today and who should walk by but Matt Damon. No kidding. We sit down a little ways down the path, and he doubles back and works out right in front of us with his personal trainer. Not that I'm lame and starstruck or anything, but I totally am.