Monday, November 19, 2007

Regent Update!

Well...he changed the landscape in Kansas City...he terrorized Dallas...and now Regent Ducas has come to my own market. He's taken up roost as interim news director at the ABC affiliate here in Providence. It's a dog station mired in third place...for now. I wouldn't dare discount what Regent did at KCTV for second. He could do the same thing for ABC 6.

I did a little reporting (OK, I talked to a coworker who's husband works for ABC 6), and found out that Regent has yet to give a speech to the newsroom saying that they are changing their format to the gloom and doom, first five minutes strategy that worked so well in K.C. and blew up in his face in Dallas. That crime and car accidents formula is what my station does best in this market, so maybe he'll take another tact.

One thing I do know...he may have the label as interim news director, but the staff is not treating him as such. They assume he's staying on. There's new local ownership at ABC 6, and they may think they have just man to turn around their sinking ship. What's scary is that they could be right!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Great Story

This is another really funny story from Idaho...Boise this time. Actually, it's not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to be sad...but, what can I say, I'm not easily moved. BTW, what I love most is the sappy music!

They don't have a good way to link to it, so go to their special projects page.

And click on "The Life. The Death. The Lessons Of Bear." See...even the title is funny.