Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another One Gettin' Hitched

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to tell you all that I'm ENGAGED! Kevin asked me to marry him last Thursday night in Lawrence (out at Clinton Lake...watching the sunset). I, of course, said "YES!" and haven't been able to stop smiling since!

I waited to email everyone until I had the date set. Kevin and I are getting married on Saturday, Sept. 10th of 2005 in the Cathdral of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. That's all I know right now...I still have lots of work to do!!!

The following link will take you to pictures of the ring!!!
Take care,

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Wedding Plans Part II

Bieke's coming to town. That's right...I'll be in Lawrence and surrounding communities for Doug's wedding staring Thursday, September 30th. What I'd really like to do is have a KUJH Memorial dinner on Monday, October 4th. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Come one, come all. Hang out. Catch up! Please....for me....not that I'm begging....but I am.

Email me (michael@bieke.us) if you're in.


Wedding Plans

Who's going to Salazar's wedding and where is everyone staying?


Monday, September 20, 2004

Lost!! Update

Randy Withers recently left us here at the "Big 6." He now has an internship with the Chiefs video department -- and, no, he's not the reason they are 0-2.


Lost!! Update

Julie Zeka lives in Wichita and has two lovely babies

Jessica Salazar


The KUJH-TV News Staff Web site (http://people.ku.edu/~dnelson/kujh.html) now features a link to a featured alum. We hope this will inspire current students. A different alum will be featured each week. The first--for no particular reason--is Theresa Freed. There will be no logic to the choices, just the arbitrary and capricious whims of the Webmaster. One requirement is that your station Web site must include your picture and a short bio, or something like that. That's mostly because I am lazy and don't want to "create" content. I realize that leaves out most of the behind-the-scenes people, but once again, facetime begets stardom. People who nominate themselves to be featured will be disqualified automatically.


Does anyone have any idea as to the whereabouts of the following people?
Head, Kelsey B.
Pehrson, Liza C.
Schaefer (Nightengale), Angela M.
Withers, Randall A.
Zeka, Julie J.

Dick Nelson

Editor's Note: Liza is right there in your fair city of Lawrence pursuing her rock music. Rock on Liza, and go visit Dick if you have a minute.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

KSNT pumps itself up

This was in this month's edition of Broadcasting and Cable Magazine:

KSNT/Topeka grew its ratings in
every newscast in July in both households and demos. The
Emmis Broadcasting NBC affiliate made the biggest gains from 6-7 am, where the station moved into first place in households, adults 25-54, and adults 18-49. Year to year, the 6-7 am hour on KSNT grew from a 2.6/18 to a 4.6/26 in households, from a 1.7/20 to a 3.7/31 among adults 25-54, and from a 1.7/27 to a 2.3/31 among adults 18-49. In mid August, KSNT expanded its morning newscast to two hours (5 am-7 am).

Jason Matisoff