Thursday, April 08, 2004

Heads Up

Sherwood passed this along. If you're worried about it, you might want to double check the website below.

Early on April 2, 2004, technical staff at the University of Kansas, Lawrence campus, discovered that a pharmacy server in Student Health Services at Watkins Memorial Health Center was targeted by an individual or individuals attempting to obtain unauthorized access. The University contacted the FBI and KU Public Safety about this computer crime and an investigation is underway. The affected server contained data from pharmacy operations between July 1,1994 and January 26, 2004. It is not clear which data, if any may have been accessed. The affected server is no longer in operation. Information in files contained on the affected server varied by patient. Files, if accessed, contained the following types of data:

Patient Demographic Information: KU ID number and/or Social Security number; name; address; phone; birth date; and other pertinent information such as drug allergies. Patient Medication information such as items dispensed, patient instructions, cost and prescriber's name and address. Insurance information provided to process claims such as name and insurance identification number.

The unauthorized access of this information could result in possible identity theft. We urge you to address this possibility by consulting the information on the following web site:

Information on this website will be periodically updated. If you have remaining questions after reading this letter and reviewing the website, you may contact the University by emailing or by calling a toll free number 1-877-529-4295. Local callers may use 864-9147. The phone line will be staffed Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. CDT.

We regret this situation and any difficulty it may cause you.

Carol Seager

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