Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Dale Update

For those of you wondering what Dale Ziegler was up to, here's a little excerpt from an e-mail he sent out:

"Well, it’s probably about time for an annual report on how I’m doing and
what I’ve been up to. Long story short, I’m no longer with Hy-Vee, nor am I
delivering newspapers anymore. I’m currently working at the Yellow Freight
World Headquarters in Overland Park, helping out in their Sales and
Marketing Department (technically, it’s called Territory Management). It’s
a temporary position, but hopefully they’ll make it permanent, or at least
find something permanent for me within the company.

As I mentioned, I’m no longer doing either of my old jobs. Both of them
took way much of a toll on my personal life with my new bride, Janet (oh, by
the way, I got married in July for those who didn’t know :) ). I was losing
too much sleep and was never home for anything important, plus I was kind of
grouchy. Now I’m home in the evenings, home on the weekends, and loving
every minute of it!"


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