Friday, December 10, 2004

Alzamora Checks In

I am now in Amarillo, Texas. I was transferred down here at the beginning of July to take over as the Sports Reporter and Assignment Editor for KEYU-TV, the new local Univision Affiliate here in Amarillo.

This is a brand spankin' new station that Equity Broadcasting (the company that owns INN) decided to open. So I am still working for the same people and under the same system, (the newscast still comes out of Iowa, with the local news team here in Amarillo).

Now while the politics about the move itself were pretty messed up in my opinion, I have been trusted with a pretty heavy responsibility. As the Assignment Editor, I am the head of the local news department. I am in charge of all the reporters and photogs and with everything that my job entails, the position is more like a News Director but without the News Director Salary.

The biggest problem I have with this is that I often have to sacrifice my sports coverage because of these other responsibilities. And many times I find myself working seven days a week even though we only do a newscast Monday thru Friday.

I am however in the process of exploring my options, but I barely have time for that. So if anyone knows of any sports openings, give me a shout.

My bio (click on Nuestro Equipo) and one of my stories is on our website. The link is to the website is the one above. here's the direct link to my story.

It is the championship game of the local soccer league. It is in Spanish but check it out anyway. Just click on the little camera to see the video.

Take care,
Mike Alzamora

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