Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bunch O' Jobs

Don't know who's looking for a job and the chance to get back to Kansas, but KCTV5 has one or two openings right now, thanks to the expansion to our 9pm newscast on the WB-Kansas City. KCTV is becoming quite the place for KU grads, I daresay we have MU grads outnumbered in the newsroom.

Also, Free State Communication's acquisiton of KTKA in Topeka has officially gone through. Now, the company is looking to hire a full news staff from photogs, news reporters, sports reporters, editors... you name it, they're hiring. The news director is John Rinkenbaugh, who, as I understand it, worked at KSNT earlier in his career. Now granted, it would mean working in Topeka, but you could live in Lawrence and commute.

Doug Donahoo

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