Monday, January 08, 2007

DVD Emergency

i know how to transfer video from beta to dvd...but what i want is to make a dvd menu--like how bieke did with our kujh video...can i just get software to do that?  does anyone know?  bieke?  help?


Bieke says: You do need software. I use my Mac and iDVD, but I don't have the slightest idea what works well on the PC. Anybody else with suggestions????


Anonymous said...

No suggestions.. just a question!
Bieke, I have idvd too.. but my computer won't burn the disc. I keep getting a message that says this disc is not formatted for use or something.. even though I know I'm using the right dvd-r!!! help!!!

mbieke said...

What happens when you just put a blank DVD-R in the drive when iDVD isn't running? Does the Mac recognize it as a blank DVD then and let you drag files???


Zach Lee said...


The PC equivalent of iDVD
is Adobe Encore. It's a great
program that shakes hands with
photoshop, after effects, and all the other adobe products. I hope that helps. I did some DVD authoring for awhile, so feel free to ask more questions.



Michelle said...

thanks! here's what i want to do--

make thumbnails and have a cute background...

that will do it? is it expensive?

Dick Nelson said...

I use Sonic's MyDVD, which came with my computer. It's really easy to use and works fine. On their Web site ( it lists the basic version at 49.99.

mbieke said...

I just used MyDVD to test it on my PC. It's pretty good for a home tool that isn't outrageously expensive. Really, it's not expensive at all and will do menus and slideshows and everything. I think that's what I would use if I just had a PC.