Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another New Job

Not to spoil the fun of everyone landing new jobs, I'm happy to announce that I now have a new gig.  Last week I accepted an offer from KYTX, the CBS affiliate in Tyler, Texas.  I will be their new Weekend Sports Anchor/Weekday Sports Reporter.  I start on the 16th.

I can say that I am very excited about this opportunity. East Texas is a very rich market as far as local sports are concernced, especially High School Football. It is absolutely insane for what I hear. Plus, I am only going to be an hour away from Dallas, which means I will have a chance to cover lots of Dallas Pro Sports. The Sports and News Directors already told me to plan on being at all the Cowboys' home games on Sundays.

And this station is no joke.
Tyler is Market #111, but they play it like it's a 70-75. They are also very serious about their sports coverage, which is something I really like.

Finally I had put my resume tape online on YouTube. I found it to be a great marketing tool. Though I'm sure a lot of you have probably already tried it. Anyways, if anyone wants to check out a little bit of what I did in Abilene, Texas the last couple of years. Here's the link.

Rigg, Makens, Congrats to both of you all. You guys are making us proud to be Jayhawks. Everyone else hit me up anytime at

Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Mike Alzamora


Michelle said...

I'd like to know...does putting your resume on youtube really work? I would be afraid it would come back to haunt me years from now or something...

Mike Alzamora said...

It worked for me. If you have a YouTube account, you can always remove anything you post on there so I don't think you would have anything to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Good times in Tyler...,2933,290579,00.html