Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Great Story

This is another really funny story from Idaho...Boise this time. Actually, it's not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to be sad...but, what can I say, I'm not easily moved. BTW, what I love most is the sappy music!

They don't have a good way to link to it, so go to their special projects page.

And click on "The Life. The Death. The Lessons Of Bear." See...even the title is funny.


Megahn said...

I cried when I realized that station wasted 4:15 on such a worthless story.

My favorite part was the standup with the dead bear.

mbieke said...


The best part is clearly the standup where she's almost crying PLUS has the blue medical gloves on!

Doug said...

I wish I could have done a stand-up with a corpse. I think that's the missing piece of any resume tape.

Michelle said...

OMG. Seriously? I like the line, "I cried when I heard the little bear died"...what?!