Thursday, April 03, 2008

Live Shots at KUJH!

Live remotes come to KUJH. On Tuesday, March 25, we broadcast a debate among student senate candidates live from Woodruff Auditorium in the Kansas Union. We used VBricks belonging to NTS for transmitting the broadcast-quality signal over the internet (we've used this before on a few occasions such as graduation and the Dole Institute dedication). We used a rented NewTek Tricaster for switching. In addition to the debate we also did a live shot during the 5:30 newscast from the same location.
More good news (we think). We found two VBricks on eBay for $60 apiece (they are normally several thousand) and have purchased them. They're older models and we haven't tried them yet but if they work I'll assume the usual news-director position and decree that we have to do a live shot on every show!



Z said...


I give it 3 weeks before live shots from the newsroom are banned.

Michelle said...

just make sure they're "active" liveshots... we want movement... "show me something!"

hahahaha, how many times have you heard that??!!