Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cream of the Crap Part II

It's an adventure. For those of you who don't know, the ABC station in Providence, which is the #3 station but seemed to be on the way up when our old friend Regent Ducas was their interim news director, has now taken a not-good-at-all turn for the worse. Regent is gone, and the new permanent ND has adopted this style even more egregious than Regents where they call arrested but NOT CONVICTED suspects "thugs" and in a prostitution story the other day, the reporter stopped mid-intro and said, "Bow-chick-a-bow-wow!" Ugh!

(Video was here, but ABC 6 has removed it from their website)

They also mis-reported a police shooting the other day. They were reporting a Providence policeman had been shot. Then, about 10 minutes later when were were reporting that no officer had been shot, they updated their report to say that TWO police officers had been shot and were being transported to RI Hospital. They had to come back after their noon newscast at about 12:45 and say..."Oops, no officers shot. Sorry!"

So every day's an adventure.

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