Sunday, December 28, 2008

"These Troubled Economic Times"

My new favorite drinking game...taking a swig every time someone says, "in these troubled economic times."

Well, the economy has gotten to my station too. We, like so many others, had layoffs right before Christmas, and the future is now for one-man-bands. We offered buyouts to our four senior photogs. We already have a VJ who shoots her own stories, and we're about to hire another. Plus, I hear automation for the control room is on its way and more of my production brethren will be on their way out.

Get used to it folks...these times, they are a changin'



Michelle said...

Seiously? That sucks! I'm so sorry! We are getting ready to go automated, too, but I still think we're a ways off from buying out our photogs.

I don't understand how companies ignore the fact that this is a safety issue out in the field. Totally stupid. It's going to take several bad things to happen to reverse it.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Oh, I will add this...

If I were a news director, I would cut jobs by making my on-air anchors produce some shows or give them bigger responsibilities with the desk or the web before I would start cutting my reporter/photog staff.

Why aren't companies doing this?

Derek said...

Yes, I don't mean to sound bitter, but as a producer its is frustrating to be worked to death, yet many anchors do very little work :(