Monday, July 12, 2004


KSNT Update:

As of now the morning show will be expanding to 2 hours for a few weeks for olypmic coverage updates. Whether or not it will stay expanded is yet to be decided.

Also, there is a producer job open but I don't think it's for the morning but instead the 5pm and 6pm.

The news department is looking for a morning reporter to be live and do "newsroom reports" especially when there is severe weather (and being in Kansas who knows when that may be).

Finally, for those interested in working in the production department be aware that the news and production departments will be merging in things and people could change (read between the lines).

Oh and Bieke, Ken kinda cornered me last week asking for what info I had of yours. Hope it's ok I game him your e-mail address (since that's all I had).
Editor's Note: It was fine.

Jason M

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