Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm always looking for good examples to show in class. I'm sure you-all must have some. I want examples that show a) good reporting, b) good writing, c) good videography, d) good editing, e) good standups or f) all of the above.

Feature, hard news, enterprise, in-depth all are fair game. In particular, I would like entire newscasts that demonstrate the Four Keys to Winning Newscasts, below. Thank you in advance.

The Four Keys to Winning Newscasts
1. Win the Lead Story
Purpose of the lead story to draw viewers into newscast and make them watch.
If they don't "buy" lead, they'll never see anything else you've worked hard on all day!
Choose a high impact story that affects as many people as possible.
Use all resources necessary to win the story.
Don't ignore sports and weather

2. Win the Key Stories Not all stories created equal!
Use resources on the key stories that make an impact.
Make sure you take care of your key stories before assigning resources to anything else.

3. Win your Points of DifferenceT
he elements your viewers can get only from your newscast.
Elements that illustrate your storytelling personality and define your image.
Points of Difference give viewers a reason to tune in today!
What are some points of difference in local newscasts?

4. Create Memorable Moments
Make people remember your stories and your newscast.


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