Monday, March 20, 2006


Okay, this really has nothing to do with KUJH, but enough of us pulled double duty to make it meaningful enough to post. Turns out the old KJHK Tower is coming down after the storms.

Lawrence -- Because of damage caused by Sunday’s wind storm, the University of Kansas next week will dismantle an 82-year-old radio tower that broadcast the University’s first radio station and presently serves the student radio station KJHK, officials said today. University Fire Marshal and Special Projects Manager for Design and Construction Management Bob Rombach said high winds slammed a 10-by-30 foot section of roof from the adjacent Art and Design Building into the lower midsection of the self-supporting steel tower located behind Marvin Hall, bending some of the supports. KJHK’s communication cable on the tower also was hit squarely by the roof section. Because of the kink in the cable, KJHK has only been able to operate at half its full 2900-watt power since the storm.

The radio station was off the air for two days after the storm because of a power outage. KJHK’s antenna will be relocated to the Kansas Public Radio tower on west campus. During the transition, KJHK will be off the air Sunday evening and will temporarily broadcast only though it’s Web site starting midnight March 27.


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