Monday, March 20, 2006

New Web Jobs at Fox 4, KC

Sandra Barry sent a note to me about her station's website and some positions that should becoming available. I will now excerpt her e-mail:

"The station has (finally) demonstrated a dedication to de-sucking our web site by creating new positions for a web manager and three web producers. Going for a soft launch August-ish, I believe. I've seen the mock-ups and it looks like pretty good stuff. The new MM newsroom at KUJH has turned out some great web producers over the past couple of years, and I'm hoping to get some of them in, but it would be lovely if you could give everyone a heads up on the web site, too. Working at WDAF is fun; you heard it from me. The job descriptions are posted on the only-temporarily-awful WDAFTV4.COM.


So, if you're looking for such a job, there's a lead.


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