Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Destination I do!

As we speak, the new Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bieke are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic...and finally, they're getting a chance to enjoy the first few days of married life without friends and family! They're probably sipping on pina coladas and petting dolphins.

The wedding was very beautiful--Lauren looked amazing in her dress. Mike looked rather dapper in a cream colored suit. The families were great and welcoming, and (I love this next line...) a good time was had by all.

I'm not so sure the trip home was a good time. Weather delayed several flights and I, for one, had to stay overnight in Miami. Tuesday morning was a mess. Still, it was worth every second to 1) be alive and 2) to have great memories with wonderful people.

Here are some pictures to enjoy! Please leave your comments to the new bride and groom!


Anonymous said...

Wow Bieke is now a married man! Congratulations!!!


Mike Alzamora said...

Congrats on the Wedding Bieke. It all looks pretty awesome. Wish you all the Happiness in the world.

Mike Alzamora #35