Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rigg Moves Again

After two years in OKC, it's time to hit the road (again).

This morning, I accepted a job with GameDay Productions in Ft. Worth,Texas. GameDay is a small company that specializes in the productionof nationally syndicated sports shows. I will be producing a showcalled "Future Phenoms With Pat Summerall," which is a 30-minute showthat airs on Fox Sports Net and takes an in-depth look at the futuresports stars of America.

On a side note, it's been a fun, challenging, and fast few years atKOCO. Hopefully, this will be a little bit more of a permanentsituation, as moving every two years hasn't exactly been a picnic. Five years ago, I was living in Rockford, living off hot chocolate andmac and cheese.

What a long, strange journey it's been...See you in Texas (where I guess it's a whole 'nother country, orsomething!)

Mike Rigg


Andrea said...

How exciting! I'm happy to welcome a Jayhawk to Fort Worth!

I am working in Dallas, but live in Fort Worth... so if you have any questions before you make the move, please let me know!! I really love it here.. and yes, Texas is its own little country!


Doug said...

Dammit, Rigg. We were supposed to coordinate this again. I haven't even been looking for a job.