Thursday, May 27, 2004

Meth Rules

What is this, the year of the meth reports? Kendra Buscho's in-depth report on meth users in Kansas aired May 14 on Kansas Week, a public affairs program broadcast statewide on Kansas Public Television. It originally aired on KUJH-TV News April 12. It featured interviews with a former meth user, a woman who lived next door to a meth lab, and several state law enforcement officials. It can be viewed on the Digital Jayhawk in KUJH in-Depth Reports. Kendra graduated this past Sunday.

This has nothing to do with sweeps, but I thought it was kinda interesting. As of Monday KSNT in Topeka has stopped all stock market reports in its newscasts. They said more people are interested in local news that will fill the time instead of national stocks, which can be viewed on cable outlets 24/7 (i.e. CNBC). Perhaps it will be back in the near future just like KSNT sports.

Jason Matisoff

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