Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sweeps in Michigan

To answer Andrea's question (see below)...

I didn't do any sweeps pieces, but as a station, here's what we did. We had the continuing tradition of "Try Before You Buy" where our 5PM anchor makes an ass out of himself testing infomercial products...very entertaining at times, like when he starts fires or breaks the microwave by shorting it out. We also did a "Cold Case" series on unsolved local crime. We also did the obligitory meth piece. In ours, our youngest looking reporter went "undercover" to see how easy it was to buy all the products you need to make meth. It turns out it was very easy, and then we basically told all our viewers how to do you couldn't find out on the internet. Oh, and we also did the obligatory sex offenders story where you follow the cops to see if registered sex offenders still live where they're supposed to. Let's see, there must be more...I'll have to think of them later.


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