Saturday, July 16, 2005

Doug's New Job

Time to get the heck out of Dodge - and by Dodge, I mean Lawrence.

Yes, I'm moving up in the world - quite literally, Fairway is north of Lawrence and heading to KCTV 5 News - Live. Late-Breaking. Investigative.

And, I'm becoming a corporate shill, not that I have a problem with that. I'll be producing the daily topical news promos that will air on KCTV 5 Live. Late-Breaking. Investigative. as a part of America's Number 1 Network - CBS. (I'm practicing the whole promotions thing. How's it working?)

But, the biggest plus out of the whole new job thingie, no more photoging, and I'll be working on a non-linear machine for pretty much all the editing that I do during the course of the day.

My wife and I are moving in just a couple of weeks to Overland Park, and I'll be starting at 5 on the 27th.

It's addition by subtraction (6 - 1 = 5, get it?) and I couldn't be happier with the chance at this new job.

Topeka has been nice this past year, but I'm not fond of commuting, not to mention Melissa and I both know more people living in KC than we ever met in Topeka, so it'll be cool. Hopefully we'll see some of you locals around.

Doug Donahoo

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