Friday, July 15, 2005

LA Connection

A distant hello to my old KUJH friends! I'm really pleased to hear that some of my fellow graduates have moved on to new and even more exciting jobs. Bieke - Congratulations on your move to Providence. I hear it's beautiful, with or without Matt Damon. It is fantastic to hear that some of my fellow alumni have grabbed the next rung on the ladder. Continued success to all of you, especially those who have moved out of their comfort zones. Personally, I miss the calmness of Lawrence, but I think that's only because of my current locale.

I now reside in Los Angeles, the smoggiest city in all the land. I work for an "integrated entertainment marketing firm" called Creative Domain. Basically we are a film and television advertising vendor. I began as an assistant editor in February, and was promoted to editor in April. As far as jobs go, I couldn't ask for more. I have an incredible boss, and I sit around all day cutting commercials for my favorite t.v. shows and movies. There is the pandora's box of egos to deal with, but I suppose that is Hollywood. I signed a non-compete contract for two years, and who knows if I'll stay or go after that. I was looking on the site to see if any other KUers had made it out this way, but alas I found none. I wish you all the best, and please, contact me anytime @ or 512-228-7777.

Zach Lee

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