Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello from NYC

Hey everyone. I just wanted to drop a line say hello to all KUJH Alumni! I visited Lawrence over a month ago and it brought back so many wonderful college memories. I have been working for Good Morning America out here in NYC for a year now!! We are now the fastest growing morning show and got the #1 spot for May sweeps. Take THAT Miss Couric! This summer, I am proud to say another Jayhawk has joined me. Adam Sechrist is a summer intern here and it's nice to have another midwesterner around. I currently act as the liason between GMA and sales. I also work on our summer concert series. That gives me the opportunity to get close with lots of celebs! I am always open to story ideas for the show so please email me at elizabeth.a.springer@abc.com with any thoughts. Anyways, if anyone should adventure out in to this big city please let me know.
---Liz Springer

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